We warmly welcome you to come and experience a comfortable, hygienic & a peaceful stay in our rooms and a uniquely Chinese themed decor restaurant serving authentic Chinese food, the pioneer of Chinese cuisine in Puri, is sure to delight you. With our hospitality and being conveniently located with just a 5-minute walk from the acclaimed Blue Flag Beach, a 5 minute i.e. 1.5 km approx. of drive from Railway Station, 10 minute i.e. 2 km approx. of drive from the world famous Jagannath Temple you are going to enjoy your stay with us.

Menu at Chung Wah

Chinese cuisine is famous all over the world, it’s fame was not achieved in a day. China is an ancient civilization and the cuisine developed with it through its 5000 years of recorded history. Chinese cooking is the crystallization of the imagination and diligence of Chinese cooks these thousands of years. Forget the mystique that surrounds Chinese cooking and remember the delights of eating a Chinese meal. China is a big country. Different regions enjoy different climates and different foods. For conditions Szechuan cooks specialise in chillies and hot pepper and are famous for aromatic and spicy sauces. Fuchien cooks work with clear broths and different frying techniques favouring light sweet and sour flavours. Hunan likewise favour the use of vinegar. Many people may try to elude themselves that they “eat to live” but the Chinese are honest enough to admit that they “live to eat” and that a good appetite is a blessing.